Our studio has been making immersive, powerful technology solutions for two decades.

From web sites, to museum kiosks, to interactive walk-through experiences, to mobile applications, our technology solutions have delighted, educated, and assisted people all over the country.

Letter Writer Oceans

This best-selling app teaches children the proper letter forms for capital letters using beautiful ocean imagery, calming music, enchanting animation, and gaming elements.

Letter Writer Space

The companion app to Letter Writer Oceans, this app teaches kids about the lower case letter forms, using exciting space-themed visuals and astronomy imagery.

Pixel Puzzle Word Search

It's word search puzzles for grown-ups!

Tap Treats Halloween

It's six fun Halloween-themed digital toys in one app. Spooky fun for all ages!

Vile Haberdashery

The matron lies dying, and the heirs of the haberdashery fortune are vying to inherit it all. Can you blackmail, intimidate, and flatter the people in the mansion enough to get them to kill off your siblings for you?

Digital Puppets

We also sell lots of digital puppets for both desktop machines and the new Apple TV. Great for greeting your trick-or-treater's on Halloween.