Word Search...

This isn't your standard word search!

  • Words can turn, bend, and fold over on themselves.
  • Every letter is part of at least one word you need to find.
  • You don't get a list of words to find! Instead, you are given a theme, and all words you find must match the theme.
  • Each word you find reveals part of the image behind the puzzle. Reveal the entire image, and you solve the puzzle!

Coming Soon

Pixel Puzzle Word Search is coming to the App Store in June 2014. Watch for it!

for Grown-Ups!

We're pulling out the stops!

  • We don't pull punches! With words like "migratory" and "municipality", this isn't your average grade-school word search!
  • We put both your vocabulary and your cultural literacy to the test! Can you find all the clues in the Pulp Fiction puzzle? How about the first names in cooking or early astronauts puzzles?
  • Over 200 custom-crafted, diabolical puzzles to solve.
  • Worried it's too tough? Lucky for you, Bzzt and Bzzount, the Pixel Puzzle robots, provide a full hint system. No matter how stumped you are, you can always solve a puzzle - just don't use them unless you're really stumped!